First Poster & Trailer Revealed for 'Daughter of Dismay'

First Poster & Trailer Revealed for 'Daughter of Dismay'

Horrorific content by jessicagomez on February 21st, 2019 | Horror News |

Austrian production company Sodom & Chimera Productions has unveiled the poster and the teaser trailer for upcoming witchcraft short Daughter of Dismay. It is the first ever short film shot on 70mm IMAX.

Daughter of Dismay follows an emotionally broken woman who is desperate to fulfill her greatest desire. She makes the ultimate sacrifice in order to fulfill her wish, but the consequences are greater than she realized. The film takes a more emotional journey through occultism than we usually see depicted in witchcraft films.

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Horror Director James Quinn is known for his arthouse work, and this short is no different; the images are as visually compelling as they are horrifying.

Of the new short film, Quinn said, "There's a certain magic about seeing something on actual film on the big screen, especially in 70mm. I was always extremely interested in this epic aspect of movies, where you don't just go to watch something, but actually experience the entire movie to a point that's almost physical, as part of a spectacle that evokes greater feelings than just simple entertainment. As a big fan of horror cinema, I wanted to combine this experience that 70mm and 70mm IMAX brings with occult and horror elements, something that's very unusual for this format, something that I think is very exciting."

The short is in post-production and will be making the rounds on the festival circuit later this year; it will also be playing in select IMAX theaters. We’d love to see this one get developed for a full feature.


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