First Official Trailer for Festival Favorite 'White Chamber'

First Official Trailer for Festival Favorite 'White Chamber'

Horrorific content by jessicagomez on February 25th, 2019 | Horror News |

A mixture of sci-fi, political thriller, and horror, Paul Raschid’s White Chamber brings claustrophobia to a whole new level.

Civil war rages in the UK, and martial law has been declared by a military government. A woman (Shauna MacDonald of The Descent) wakes up in a blindingly white, futuristic cell, where she has seemingly been taken by force with no way to escape. It’s not just any cell - it’s a literal torture chamber, with ultra high temperatures, electronic zaps, and drops of acid as just some of the weaponry installed within the chamber. Her captor uses increasingly cruel methods to gain information - information she claims not to have. Is she telling the truth? Who is the other captive in the chamber next to hers? As questions of trust are placed on both captor and captive, it begs the question: who’s truly in authority, and should you respect that authority?

It’s clear no one can be trusted in White Chamber. You can see for yourself when the film is released on VOD and in select theaters on March 29.


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