First Look At Pet Sematary Remake

First Look At Pet Sematary Remake

Horrorific content by Pete Trbovich on October 04th, 2018 | Horror News |

Of all the Stephen King adaptations to remake, you’d have to question why Pet Sematary ? It’s actually one that both did well (box office 5x its budget, anyone?) and stayed relatively faithful to Stephen King ’s novel, miracles never cease.

But it does have room for improvement, so here’s hoping lightning strikes more surely as the new version of Pet Sematary peeps into view . If nothing else, the title is bound to scare us web writers who forever have to deal with that red underline. The correct spelling is “cemetery” for the record. Must... fight... OCD... attack!

Getting more mileage out of our handy copy of Scott van Doviak’s Stephen King Films FAQ, it says here that none other than George “Living Dead” Romero was slated to direct the original 1989 movie, but missed the connection with scheduling conflicts. This happened a lot between King and Romero.

Stephen King, at the time, was backing out of the toxic working relationship he’d had so long with Dino De Laurentiis, whose production had led to mediocre King adaptations. And quote:


“It’s like a girl who gets raped and says’ ‘Geez, I didn’t like that very much. Why don’t I turn over and you can stick it up my ass?” -- Stephen King describing his working relationship with producer Dino De Laurentiis


King put his foot down for the new remake of Pet Sematary and demanded it be shot in Maine for a change. Not that it made much difference since most of the film was shot in backwoods location that could have been any old country road.

Slated for release April 5th 2019. Watch our entry for Pet Sematary (2019) for further developments.

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