Fangoria Claps Back at Vogue Over Snipe at 2018 Horror Releases

Fangoria Claps Back at Vogue Over Snipe at 2018 Horror Releases

Horrorific content by Yo Adrian on November 20th, 2018 | Horror News |

Whether you reveled in the psychological horror of A Quiet Place, were kept up at night by memories of The Nun, or spent the better part of the year looking forward to the Halloween sequel, you can’t deny that 2018 really exceeded expectations in the scary movie department. It’s definitely been a good year for horror overall – exactly why genre fans weren’t so thrilled to read Vogue’s negative spin on it all.

It’s not that the article was wrong, per se. Much of what Vogue had to say about 2018’s horror offerings has been echoed by other outlets or even by fans. However, the title stating “2018 has not been a good year for horror” seems like overkill, especially considering how groundbreaking some of this year’s releases have been. Respected horror publication, Fangoria wasn’t having any of that and has delighted horror fans and readers alike with a clever clapback, clearly directed at Vogue  – “2018 has not been a good year for fashion”.

The point behind the humorous statement is clear and well worth considering. As with fashion, taste in movies in general and horror in particular are relative. What really grabs one viewer’s attention and gets their heart pounding might not do it for someone else. For instance, critically acclaimed films from this past year like Halloween and Hereditary were massive hits with young people and millennials, but not as popular among long-time genre lovers. (In fact, some would even hesitate to classify Hereditary as horror at all.) This hardly means they weren’t good.

One thing’s for certain though. The wide range and mass appeal of 2018’s contributions to horror have helped get audiences excited about box office thrills and chills again. That means much more horror fare for theater goers to enjoy in the future – something any horror lover can get excited about!


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