Exclusive Interview with Carl Lindbergh

Exclusive Interview with Carl Lindbergh

Horrorific content by Yo Adrian on April 17th, 2019 | Horror News | Interviews

I recently had the opportunity to preview an upcoming new indie horror called Bunnyman: Grindhouse Edition. This movie was a blast, both in concept and content, which led me to watch and review all the Bunnyman movies in the trilogy (here, here and here). I also jumped at the chance to interview the madman behind the bunny suit himself: Carl Lindbergh.

AH: First off, Bunnyman as a character is insane. He looks innocent and completely deranged at the same time. What’s the story behind him?

CL: I wanted to be unique in the genre, and at that time I was not aware of any horror films with a "giant killer bunny". I also liked the contradiction of an innocent costume doing horrible things.

AH: What prompted you to re-release Bunnyman it as a grindhouse edition?

CL: I got the rights to the film back and I wanted to correct the issues the original film had. It was also a personal challenge as a filmmaker to revisit a film and "fix" it with the limited means that I had.

AH: Were there any old grindhouse movies in particular you pulled inspiration from?

CL: Not any specific film for the visuals, but in regard to the music it was definitely John Carpenters work from 80's era. I can hear that influence in the score, but also the Phantasm disco theme was a topic of conversation more than a few times with my composer Peter Scartabello who did all the Bunnyman scores.

AH: What’s your favorite grindhouse movie, horror or otherwise?

CL: My favorite horror films are the original Halloween, Nightmare on Elm Street and the Hellraiser films. I also like the Evil Dead franchise and the original Phantasm. I'm also a fan of Cemetery Man which I think is very underrated.

AH: Which of your movies to date did you have the most fun filming?

CL: Oh that's a hard one to answer, as I equate making a film to the pain of child birth. I would say the original Bunnyman film was the smoothest production and the cast and crew got along best on that set.

AH: Is there a story behind ANOC, your "A No One Cares" production company name?

CL: That's just my dark sarcastic sense of humor coming out.

AH: Do you have any other projects in the works?

CL: Yes, I have Nowhere Girl which is a Sci-Fi film. It's important for me as an artist to grow and challenge myself..... and making a Sci-Fi film certainly is a way to do so.

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