Eli Roth to Host “History of Horror” TV Series

Eli Roth to Host “History of Horror” TV Series

Horrorific content by dusan on August 02nd, 2018 | Horror News |

Long-time horror fans are no doubt more than familiar with powerhouse director, producer, actor, and writer Eli Roth (Hostel, Hostel II, Cabin Fever, The Green Inferno). This October, they can look forward to watching him host the next installment of AMC’s Visionaries series – “Eli Roth’s History of Horror”. The six-part series is set to serve as a detailed reflection on the horror genre and everything that makes it significant. It is currently set to premiere at the stroke of midnight on Sunday, October 14th.

Like other Visionaries installments, “Eli Roth’s History of Horror” will dig deeply into its topic and treat viewers to plenty of entertaining insight. In addition to commentary from Roth, each installment will include features from A-list horror icons. They include but are definitely not limited to Rob Zombie, Robert Englund, Stephen King, Jordan Peele, Jamie Lee Curtis, Quentin Tarantino, Linda Blair, and Tippi Hedren. Themes explored will cover a lot of range and include struggles associated with the genre, horror history, and personal inspirations.

“I’m thrilled to be part of this incredible series. For years, I’ve wanted to create a definitive ‘History of Horror,’ a living record of the genre with interviews from all the greats, old and new,” said Roth when asked about his experience shooting the show. “Sadly, we lose more of these masters every year and with them go their stories and experiences. This show will serve as a record for future generations — fans and filmmakers alike — to enjoy.” Sounds like just what the doctor ordered for Halloween this year!


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