Upcoming Child's Play Reboot to Give Chucky AI

Upcoming Child's Play Reboot to Give Chucky AI

Horrorific content by dusan on August 31st, 2018 | Horror News |

As fans of the popular Child’s Play franchise and its killer doll villain Chucky may be aware, the months to come will bring an entirely overhauled reboot our way. Whether or not you like that idea yourself, it’s been confirmed that MGM is officially moving forward with its plans and as details emerge about the plot of the new film, we’re learning more and more about what the newest incarnation of Chucky may be like.

So far, we know that the basic premise of the film will at least resemble the one we know and love. As in the original Child’s Play, the horror begins when a young boy receives a murderous doll as a gift. However, early reports from the front lines suggest that the similarities could actually stop there. There is some buzz around the possibility that instead of just a single child taking on the killer doll, it may be a group of children instead in the tradition of Summer of ‘84, It, or Stranger Things.

Additional details emerging about the film further reveal that the murderous doll in question will feature an advanced programming code that’s been hacked. The hack in question allows for terrifying capabilities like unlimited learning abilities and the ability to commit violence. When the factory worker responsible for reprogramming the doll commits suicide shortly after doing so, the horror begins.

It remains to be seen whether the doll will still be called “Chucky” or will be receiving an entirely new name, but an entirely different look and feel for the doll is definitely a strong possibility. (Remember, in addition to the MGM reboot, the original Child’s Play film franchise and timeline will also continue to see new installments.) Do you agree that two evil Chucky dolls may be even better than one or will there always be only one Chucky in your eyes?


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