Annabelle 3 and M3GAN in the Works

Annabelle 3 and M3GAN in the Works

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Annabelle 3 and M3GAN in the Works Spell Good News for Creepy Doll Fans!

These days, Chucky is far from the only creepy doll that has horror movie enthusiasts excited about future trips to the theater. In fact, not one, but two new recently announced doll-centric horror films are currently generating quite a buzz. The first is M3GAN, an upcoming tech-horror film from producers James Wan (The Conjuring, Saw) and Jason Blum (Get Out). The second is a third addition to the popular Annabelle film series.

M3GAN is set to be directed by Gerard Johnstone of Housebound and written by American Horror Story’s own Akela Cooper. It follows the story of a gifted robotics expert as she develops a life-like, artificial intelligence doll named M3GAN. M3GAN’s initial purpose is to provide emotional support and companionship for her inventor’s newly orphaned niece. However, M3GAN’s programming soon proves to be too efficient as she quickly becomes dangerously protective of her new charge.

“Pretty much the concept is about embracing technology too much and relying too much on it. And what happens with technology runs amok. It’s a commentary on the world we live in and it feels relevant,” Wan said of the film in a recent Hollywood Reporter interview.

The upcoming Annabelle film was officially revealed just a couple of days ago at this year’s horror-themed San Diego Comic-Con event, ScareDiego. It will be the third installment in the Annabelle spin-off series and the sixth addition to New Line Cinema’s popular Conjuring universe. It will also be written by Gary Dauberman, the same writer we have to thank for the previous films, Annabelle and Annabelle: Creation. However, this time Dauberman will be directing the film as well.

The plot of the latest Annabelle film will bring the haunting tale back to the present day, meaning we’ll find Annabelle herself back in her protective case in the Warren Museum. However, Annabelle has no intention of languishing quietly under glass. Instead, she activates all of the other demonic items in the museum, terrorizing the Warrens’ daughter in the process. The film has been fast-tracked by New Line and is expected to hit theaters on July 3, 2019.


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