All Horror Interview with Actress Constance Payne

All Horror Interview with Actress Constance Payne

Horrorific content by jessicagomez on March 16th, 2019 | Horror News |

Constance Payne is a strong woman who gives it her all in her horror roles. I sat down with the Atlanta-based actress to talk about her new lead in a horror short, her fan films in the horror genre, and one wild story about a goat that, despite what some may believe, was not sacrificed for Santeria.

JG (Jessica Gomez): You booked a leading role in the upcoming horror short Sadie. Tell me a little bit about your role and what we can expect from the film.

CP (Constance Payne): I had seen the Director Myles Erfurth's work by chance online one day and shot him my reel & resume. When me and my manbabe husband were in Orlando a few years back we met up and realized we were all rad & twisted in the same ways. Myles hit me up a few months later about the idea he had for Sadie. I told him unless my character was covered in blood & screaming from torment or pain, I wasn't interested. I got my wish, and then some. You will see that Sadie had a very hard life that led to her result. I can't say too much because I don't want to spoil it, but all jokes aside, some scenes are pretty heavy. These are the stories that must be told though. Sadie's life is based on a lot of common truths to society that most just sweep under the rug.

JG: Sounds awesome. You teased me before about a story about a goat?

CP: Girlfriend, do you know how hard it is to find a goat in Miami because of Santeria?

JG: Oh my God.

CP: Luckily, our friend Tom Crutchfield is friends with a guy who has a famous fruit smoothie stand & petting zoo. (It) takes us like an hour to convince him that we will not be actually sacrificing his goat, or putting it in any type of harm whatsoever. On set the Director asks for the goat handler to remove the goat harness, cause they don't have those types of things at the gates of hell, right? Handler says that the goat could possibly take off. Director weighs his chances.


Goat takes off. F***.

I am now running after a goat on a closed-off street in downtown Miami, butt naked fully covered in blood. I seriously can't believe no one called the cops.

The goat was perfectly fine & safe the entire time. I named her Pumpkin, and we visit her every time we are in South Florida.

JG: What a nightmare. So, escaped goats aside - do you think there's a possibility of Sadie turning into a feature length film?

CP: That would be dope as s***. I'm in, if that were ever to be a thing.

JG: You're a method actor. How does that factor into these darker roles?

CP: It depends who I'm working with, how many lines I have, etc. (if I work method).

I guess the best way to answer that would be how long between sets. Some productions are more casual than others, so I just hide to conserve my energy. Other sets are like ‘boom boom boom’, so I stay in character in order to roll through it. I just like telling stories with depth.

My grandmother had been slowly dying for a few years before I filmed Sadie. It was hard seeing her that way & feeling the pain in her soul with her. While I was filming Sadie I got to freak out, scream my head off, and experience the emotions that I had been internalizing. My grandmother was "old school" & the closest person to a mother I have ever had. She never approved of violence, but she approved of me, and she was always proud whenever I accomplished the goals I have set for myself.

JG: You served us badass vibes as Rachel in the fan films Michael Myers vs Candyman and Icons of Horror 2, which are creepy and fun. Tell me about that experience.

CP: That was my first role ever, and Director Trent was dope enough to continue my character's story. It's crazy how the world collides; this guy in my acting class connected us together through email, I got the script, had a few questions, Trent answered them and liked a few of my ideas, then we filmed it.

Again, I can’t believe that NOBODY in the neighborhood we filmed in called the cops to report a heavily tattooed buff chic with a shotgun, kicking in the front door of this really nice house.

JG: Do you have plans to direct or produce in the future?

CP: Definitely, when the timing is right. I've got a few personal projects I'm wrapping up in the next few months & then I'm going from there.

JG: Can you tell me about your upcoming projects, or are they all under lock and key?

CP: My personal projects are; releasing more chapters to my first novel, new voiceover demo, and directing/editing/acting in film/reel material. Other people's projects include a feature called "In His Hands" by Myles Erfurth, a WWE-style bit with a ridiculously funny comedy troupe in Atlanta, co-starring in a popular SciFi web series by Barry Gaines, a fight scene comedy bit for Respectful Productions, and a charity event for childhood cancer.

Those are all first half of the year projects; I have a few big things on the fence at the end half of this year but I can't confirm those at this point.

JG: I end all of my interviews with this question: What's your favorite scary movie?

CP: (Laughs) Your question reminded me of the first time I screamed and ran out of a movie theater with my friends. Ravenous. I was 12 years old, we snuck into the theater, and when the hot bleach blonde guy got eaten, I lost it.

Sadie debuts at Horrorhound Weekend on March 16th. Payne is represented by Lora Huntington of Classic Talent Agency.

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