A24 Teases Ari Aster's Vacation Horror 'Midsommar'

A24 Teases Ari Aster's Vacation Horror 'Midsommar'

Horrorific content by jessicagomez on March 02nd, 2019 | Horror News |

Though Hereditary was snubbed at the Oscars, horror fans the world over were floored by Ari Aster’s insightful and harrowing family horror Hereditary. Aster is following up his critically acclaimed film with another horror movie, titled Midsommar.

A24 took to twitter to release a short animation for the upcoming film. The image conjures a “ring around the rosie” mixed with a “human sacrifice” vibe.

Midsommar centers around a couple who visits a remote Swedish village on vacation, where increasingly strange ‘traditions’ are asked of the couple to participate. A foreboding sense is cast over the couple; what will the townspeople ask of them next?

Aster hinted that more horror films were forthcoming in an interview last year, stating that horror is best for storytelling because of its unapologetic nature.

The cast is star-studded with Florence Pugh , Will Poulter , William Jackson Harper and Jack Reynor starring. Much of the rest of the cast are of Swedish descent.

Midsommar is due out August 9th of this year.

Watch the official trailer now:

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