'A Brilliant Monster' Director F. C. Rabbath Begins Shooting 'Mr. Calculator' This Summer

'A Brilliant Monster' Director F. C. Rabbath Begins Shooting 'Mr. Calculator' This Summer

Horrorific content by jessicagomez on February 15th, 2019 | Horror News |

Indie director and new horror darling F. C. Rabbath announced his next project, a sci-fi thriller titled Mr. Calculator, will be going into production this summer. Filming begins this June in Florida. Dennis Friebe  and Andy Gion are set to star.

The film follows mathematical genius Jason Bailey, who works at an insurance agency’s risk management department. Rabbath exclusively told All Horror of the upcoming project:

"Mr. Calculator is about someone who really lives through numbers. Ever ponder the odds of getting in a car accident, robbed walking down a dark alley? That's what Jason Bailey ponders everyday. We witness him go through horrific events and what it all means at the end. You can expect unexpected twists and turns and thrills you didn't think were mathematically possible."

Rabbath is known for packing a big punch on a tight budget, with production value you don’t typically see on smaller indie films. We previously reported Rabbath’s breakout hit A Brilliant Monster will be getting a limited theatrical release in May.

Currently cast are Friebe and David Raizor, both of whom starred in A Brilliant Monster, Gion, Dina Najjar, stunt performer Garrett Hammond, and Ashley Dougherty.

Mr. Calculator will be Rabbath’s sixth feature film. Rabbath will also executive produce the project, alongside Adam Bertocci, Ramsey White, Jessica Roszko, and associate producers Emalie Noelani Holmes and Brian Carroll.


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