5 Surprising Facts About The Conjuring 2 Demon Nun

5 Surprising Facts About The Conjuring 2 Demon Nun

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After the recent release of promotional material for the James Wan produced The Nun, a spin-off of his Conjuring series, audiences can’t wait to gobble up the new fright fest. The Nun, or as fans on a first name basis know him, Valak, is an entity first introduced in The Conjuring 2 and ends up being the Big Bad of the film, more so than the Enfield Poltergeist audiences were expecting. Audiences were so excited and scared by The Nun that WB decided the only thing to be done was another movie (They thought the same thing eventually about The Crooked Man, but that’s another story). Here are some facts you might not already know about the demonic nun we know as Valak.

  1. Valak, in demonology, is called the Great President of Hell and is a Commander of 30 legions of demons. Seems he has lots of work to do when he’s not busy haunting Vera Farmiga and Patrick Wilson. He’s also depicted in demonologist literature as a young winged boy riding on the back of a two-headed dragon, a far cry from the lovely goth nun figure we got to know in The Conjuring

  2. Priests and Demonologists in the old days (circa 17th Century) loved to write whole books about all the demons in and out of hell as if they were Tolkien and this was their Silmarillion, and Valak was brought up in many. In The Lesser Key of Solomon, an apparent grimoire spell-book composed of different texts, he is just one of 72 demons. His name also can be found in a plethora of spellings from Valic, Valac to Ualac and Valax, so you can’t very well make fun of non-horror buffs for saying or spelling it wrong.

  3. Valor’s powers in The Conjuring 2 are a bit vague but he does come across as quite powerful, what with having control over a human spirit and possessing a child. As a demon to be invoked he’s known to be useful for finding exactly where “treasure” is and being able to locate snakes, only one of which seems very useful. For those into invoking demons though, we’d caution you because the sources say he’s very strong (he commands at least 30 legions, remember?) and if he doesn’t think you're worthy of wealth and snakes, he might be annoyed you tried to summon him.

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  1. James Wan has said that Valak has “nothing to do with Amityville. At all.” For those of short memory, Valak is first seen in the film’s opening in the basement of the Amityville house. Loraine Warren is psychically exploring the house with what seems like the entity that possessed Ronald “Butch” DeFeo Jr. Her vision begins to change in the basement as Valak appears and Lorraine witnesses a vision of the future, the nun-disguised Valak, and the broken tree stump. While the real Lorraine Warren has said she experienced an entity or figure that followed her home from the Amityville home, Wan needed to get into specifics to make it cinematic, choosing an appearance and name to most scare the audience. Valak was a name they’d picked out early, but the appearance ended up solidifying only much later and being added in reshoots based on Lorraine’s account of a hooded figure.

  1. The name of The Nun demon is a mystery for a good portion of The Conjuring 2 and its reveal is the height of the drama. With Valak’s name, Lorraine has the power to banish Valak back to hell. But discerning audience members figured out Valak’ name before the characters. In the lead up to the scene in which Lorraine has a vision of confronting Valak in her home’s study, we see his name multiple times. As they eat breakfast there are blocks on the windowsill behind them, on a bookshelf there are block letters spread out that spell his name, and the Warren’s daughter is creating a bracelet, unknowingly spelling out Valak. The last straw we don’t get to witness is Lorraine waking from the vision and, having asked what The Nun’s name is, carving the letters into her bible. The film does a good job of allowing the audience of figuring out the mystery themselves, even if some of us still sat a little underwhelmed when Lorraine yelled out, “Valak,” as if we were supposed to recognize it.


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