25 Revelations about A Quiet Place

25 Revelations about A Quiet Place

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All Time Movies posted an incredible video with 25 fun behind-the-scene facts about A Quiet Place, giving horror fans a chance to soak up all the fascinating details about this unique spin on survival horror.

  1. The plot revolves around a devastated world and a singular family of five having to deal with the killer, blind creatures that made it so. The family has to stay as quiet as possible to avoid attracting the sound-attacking creatures.

  2. The film not only stars John Krasinski, but he co-wrote the script and directed the film. If you don't already know, Krasinski is most famous for his role as Jim in The Office, a comedy and far genre cry from A Quiet Place.

  3. In addition to John Krasinski the film stars Millicent Simmons, Noah Jupe, and Emily Blunt, the perfect small cast for a small scale dystopian horror film.

  4. In real life John Krasinski and Emily Blunt are in fact married and have children of their own and it was Blunt who, after reading Krasinski’s version of the screenplay, encouraged him to take on the role of director and requested being cast as his movie wife as well.

  5. Blunt and Krasinski’s real life marriage and children meant that tapping into the horror of protecting ones child from death was quick and easy, seeing as they have that chemistry already built up. That real chemistry and protectiveness was important as Krasinski has explained that the creatures in A Quiet Place represent a metaphor for the fear of releasing ones child into a dangerous world.

  6. John Krasinski and Emily Blunt have appeared together in another movie, one vastly different (though they shared no scenes together): The Muppets from 2011.

  7. One might assume that the film’s main language is English, but ASL, or American Sign Language, a distinct and stand-alone language from English, plays a larger role.

  8. The daughter in the film is deaf and actress who plays her, Millicent Simmons, is as well. John Krasinski felt it was imperative to cast a Deaf actress who could draw from her own experiences and act as a representative of the Deaf community, especially since she is the only deaf character and actor.

  9. There was a lot of support for Millicent Simmons on set as they hired an ASL interpreter and Deaf mentor who taught the actors and set members ASL. Simmons had stated that she felt nervous going into the project as she had never spent so much time with that many hearing people. The ASL teachers helped the rest of the cast not only learn the language, but how to give their signing its own accent, instead of coming off perfect, but robotic.

  10. Though it was only the main cast who really needed to learn ASL before shooting began, by the end of it, the entire crew was signing away. 25 Revelations about A Quiet Place Tweet it

  11. Interestingly, John Krasinski has said that he’s not very into the horror genre as he gets scared easily, but when asked by his fellow A Quiet Place screenwriters, Bryan Woods and Scott Beck, if he might want to join their genre film, he gave it a chance based on it’s unique premise. With only an early draft completed, he helped the two finish the project and then eventually went on to direct it.

  12. The film is set in Iowa where Woods and Beck grew up and they used their memories of the farmlands to build it’s realistic presence. Inspiration also came from their time watching silent films in college.

  13. The inclusion of the deaf daughter in the film actually comes from an entirely different script that the writing pair had left unfinished. It was meant to be a version of the Brother’s Grimm Pied Piper folktale and called The Piper.

  14. Those who’ve seen the film can tell us how this fact might have ended up. In the original script only one line of dialogue existed.

  15. While the film does involve subtitled ASL, it really relies on using the camera to set up it’s world and environment, since the characters can’t simply speak and recount what is happening.

  16. In the same vein as 15, the characters in the film all have names, but none of them are ever spoken. Their names become non-important as their character identities are communicated more clearly through their actions.

  17. The film involved a corn bin, or silo, that housed 20 tons of corn the crew bought from local Iowan farmers.

  18. The monsters in A Quiet Place are blind, vicious, and don’t seem to have any exploitable weaknesses, making guns or explosives basically useless defense tools. Not much else is known about them, aside from the assumption that they are all over the world and they don’t consume their prey.

  19. Paramount Platinum Dunes are the main production companies involved.

  20. Michael Bay, the founder of Platinum Dunes is himself a producer on the film.

  21. The use of sound in the film was essential so they chose to mostly forgo non-diegetic sounds and recorded the natural noises on set, forcing the crew to keep as silent as possible. While there is music used in the film, most of the background noise s from the set, letting the actors react to the noise naturally.

  22. “Spores” a track from Alien: Covenant is actually the music used in the trailer for A Quiet Place, though the film was composed by Oscar nominated composer Marco Beltrami who’s done other notable genre films like: Hellboy, Resident Evil, and Scream.

  23. The film was chosen out of nearly 2500 other films to open the SXSW film festival in Austin, Texas.

  24. Because of Paramount’s production involvement the film was thought to possibly be the next secretive installment in the now somewhat infamous Cloverfield series.

  25. Scott Farrar is a veteran of Hollywood’s VFX industry (think Jurassic Park and Transformers) and he handled the design of the monsters with Industrial Light and Magic company. Farrah and Krasinski worked closely on the design and ended up dubbing the creature “Happy.” Good to know Jim from the Office still has a sense of humor.



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