YellowBrickRoad (2010)

They went looking for evil in the forest but the forest found evil in them
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  • RT Rating 50%
  • IMDB Rating 4.7

Critic Reviews:

Ultimately, YellowBrickRoad is a satisfying stroll into the woods--that’s a place horror fans are pretty accustomed to, but it's especially scary this time around because the terror subtly creeps into the mind more so than the flesh.

YELLOW BRICK ROAD is an oddly fascinating movie especially considering that I hated the way it looked, how it was executed and nearly everybody in it. I’d tell it to go climb a tree outright but the damn movie got under my skin even in the face of all my resistance.

I guess I would describe this movie as a combination of Session 9, which I enjoy, and The Blair Witch Project, which I enjoy, with something that I don’t enjoy. It had some interesting ideas and premises that just didn’t pay off for me the way I had hoped, but I predict some people might enjoy this style of filmmaking a little more than I do.