Witness Infection (2021)

Sometimes the past comes back to bite you
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  • RT Rating 40%
  • IMDB Rating 3.7

Critic Reviews:

Without too many flaws and a lot to like with the comedy and straightforward zombie action elsewhere in play, this one manages to generate plenty of fun points that serve this one rather nicely. Give this one a look if you're a fan of zombie films or zombie comedies or intrigued by the premise involving the cast and crew, while those who don't appreciate the style or genre will be the ones who don't like this one.

Given current events, this movie is a perfectly timed distraction and also a clever (if inadvertent) nod to the complete absurdity of our times. I’m all about pleasant distractions, and WITNESS INFECTION supplies those in spades. It may not be innovative or exciting, but it’s a rollicking fun ride and delivered with oodles of charm and good humor.

Stars and co-writers Carlos Alazraquia and Jill-Michele Melean have together penned a swift, fast-paced film that doesn’t outstay its welcome. Yes, some of the early scenes seem awkward and, at times, drawn out but once that second half kicks in, well the pace doesn’t let up – to the point where the film actually feels over too soon!