Winifred Meeks (2021)

AKA: The Ghost of Winifred Meeks
He was lost at sea. She will wait forever.
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  • RT Rating N/A
  • IMDB Rating 2.6

Critic Reviews:

If flashy visuals and incessant jump scares are your thing, we suggest you look elsewhere. What we have is a thought-provoking ethereal haunted house tale that doesn’t necessarily conform to what we expect, but delivers enough chills and is seriously compelling.

The film can suffer with some of the traits of low budget cinema with sound and lighting not quite gelling but never detracts from the haunting balance of character and haunting.

The Ghost of Winifred Meeks is a very, and I mean very, slowburn movie. [...] If you don't get on with Belmont's Anna then you may not like the movie, but I found it an absorbing if sometimes frustrating piece, which effortly captured the spirit of the genre TV drama.