Wicked Games (2022)

Coming in August

Critic Reviews:

Despite any nit-picky thoughts that might’ve popped into my oversaturated horror-obsessed mind, I was completely captivated by Wicked Games and its feminist undertones. While visually anxiety-inducing, I actually found the film to be pretty tame in its expression of violence and gore, but its level of grittiness still made me feel delightfully uneasy.

Seeing home invaders wandering around wearing Mistico and Rey Mysterio Jr. masks takes the viewer out of the movie, as these are beyond iconic masks; imagine if someone was walking around with John Cena’s face in a slasher film. [...] The masks of luchadors are the very same and beyond; they are their soul and identity and their use in this film is beyond cheap. It’s lazy at best and disrespectful as well.

Harley is a phenomenal final girl, showing her strength early in the film, and Kiel is sympathetic and endearing – sweeping the troubled and distant Harley off her feet with his relatable charm. But it’s a third act addition to the cast that steals the show, elevating what could have been a tired and predictable conclusion with wicked charisma.