When the Screaming Starts (2021)

Starting a family can be murder.
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  • RT Rating 100%
  • IMDB Rating 6.0

Critic Reviews:

What you get in When the Screaming Starts is a gory dark comedy populated with memorable characters and a well-crafted and self-sufficient narrative arc for our main character. That being said, its tone and close relation to similar works may not make it everyone’s cup of tea but it’s a solid choice for B-movie nights and light, fun horror for your more scaredy-cat friends.

...When the Screaming Starts is witty, worryingly accurate, and a riotous experience – it may be the breakout comedic gem of the year.

When the Screaming Starts would make an awesome series and land pretty damn close to What We Do In The Shadows, and I would watch it for at least two seasons. I think a longer narrative would help sustain the constant laughter, while also giving it room to tell the story and without having to sacrifice one for the other.


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