What Josiah Saw (2022)

You do what need be done then.
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  • RT Rating 91%
  • IMDB Rating 8.3

Critic Reviews:

A great script is nothing without great performances and What Josiah Saw has them in abundance. Not just the leads, but many of the supporting players, especially Jake Webber, give brilliant performances.

Superbly directed, What Josiah Saw is exquisite psychological horror, and every member of the cast is in top form as the gruesome story unfolds. The sound design, terrifying score, and overwhelmingly grim cinematography all make this film an experience that will relentlessly gnaw at the viewer for a long time after watching.

..."What Josiah Saw" is a jaw-dropping script, paired to a remarkable cast, while being brewed by an intelligent director using striking visuals and gut-wrenching emotions. Vincent Grashaw’s film receives a score of 8/10.