Visitor (2021)

AKA: Visitante
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Critic Reviews:

Visitor is a more than worthy debut with a very good bill and perhaps too few resources. More and better visual effects and more skill in some “action” scenes or more physical moments would have helped this Catalan co-production distributed by Filmax. [...] The continuous duality of the story and the secrets of each of the characters are well unfolded and shown and the ending leaves you with a good taste in your mouth.

Alberto Evangelio's debut feature offers an original plot that, despite exceeding itself as the plot progresses, maintains interest during its footage and in which Iria del Río assumes the leading role of his character with aplomb. It is not all good news, but in this case the intention is a degree.

Visitor is a singular and daring film that takes up the witness of a genre that is particularly forgotten in Spain if we leave the four usual references, which articulates an accessible narrative mechanism and leaves a solid residue.