Underworld: Evolution (2006)

My God. Brother, what have you done?
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  • RT Rating 16%
  • IMDB Rating 6.7

Critic Reviews:

Stylized and extraordinarily violent, this sequel repeats the formula of the first film. Nothing that happens this time will surprise anyone, except, perhaps, the fact that Derek Jacobi has agreed to play the oldest immortal ever.

Audiences that responded positively to Underworld should be satisfied with Evolution, since in the tradition of all good sequels it offers a closely similar experience with some extra changes or material. It is a slightly less mediocre treatment of the material.

I enjoyed the movie most of the time that Marcus was on screen in Vampire form, and of course Kate looks great in form-fitting leather. The scenes where Michael pulled out all the stops and turned into his hybrid self were cool as well, as there was a ferocity there that really came across.