Two (2021)

AKA: Dos
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  • RT Rating 40%
  • IMDB Rating 4.2

Critic Reviews:

Goya's engravings from the Los Caprichos series and the passages from the Bible give us crucial clues to know that some of them are hiding or have forgotten something. However, you have to be very bright to connect the dots and break the final surprise. The film maintains the suspense and a literal pulse between two characters that will certainly leave scars.

As Pablo Derqui told us in an interview, " Two is a wild metaphor that reflects on the idea of ​​duality and that we all need the help of the other to survive." Marina Gatell was perhaps what most intrigued her in the story: “We all have that wound that asks us to unite with others, to be loved by another. We are doomed to that dependency ” .

Movie Two is a very good representation of a chaotic, mysterious and intriguing setting. The film takes about 70 minutes but it is more than enough to attract the viewer in a spectacular way, worth the redundancy. A good premise, a good setting, and good actors make for a very good thriller. There are no complaints.