The Thing with Two Heads (1972)

AKA: The Beast with Two Heads
The doctor blew it--the most fantastic medical experiment of the age.
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  • RT Rating 0%
  • IMDB Rating 4.1

Critic Reviews:

The publicity for the movie warns against the possibility of "apoplectic strokes, cerebral hemorrhages, cardiac seizures or fainting spells" during the movie, but they're just trying to make themselves look good. The only first aid they really need is hot coffee for the patrons who doze off.

All in all The Thing with Two Heads remains as a genre-crossing classic that both entertains and, in typical Blaxploitation fashion, gives Black moviegoers their chance to see a white racist get his comeuppance. I give it three out of five stars, mainly because of the ridiculously long and over-the-top chase scene that gobbled up the majority of the film’s meager budget.

Yeah, there’s not much to be creeped out by The Thing With Two Heads. You’ll more likely be shaking your own head at it.