The Sadness (2021)

AKA: 哭悲
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  • RT Rating 95%
  • IMDB Rating 7.0

Critic Reviews:

While some seriously obscene actions are committed in this film, it wisely isn't graphic with the most extreme stuff. Expect to see dismemberment and other examples of stomach-churning gore shown explicitly, but the most taboo forms of violence - including the sexual kind - are more hinted at than shown in detail.

There are going to be two reactions to The Sadness; extreme disgust and hatred towards its depiction if violence versus those who embrace it in all its chaotic glory. The film won’t be for everyone. If certain extreme moments in a film are enough to turn you off a production, assume it’s too much and save your sanity by giving it a skip. However, fans of extreme cinema should rejoice as the film is the perfect balance of high production values and disturbing visuals that are almost unprecedented in a genre frequently derided as low-brow.

Nearly every human here is depraved, as Jabbaz doesn’t shy away from anything, diving completely headfirst into the darkness of human nature and our capabilities. You’ll know within the first 20 minutes if you want to stay with this film, so if that sounds like your bag and you can stomach the cruelty, dive in. The water’s bloody, but nice.