The Rideshare Killer (2022)

Be careful who you rideshare with
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  • RT Rating N/A
  • IMDB Rating 4.0

Critic Reviews:

...The Rideshare Killer is a perfectly watchable time waster if you really have nothing more exciting to choose from... Just don’t expect anything more than a by-the-numbers mystery with a few nods to the dangers women travelling alone can obviously place themselves in by using rideshare apps.

Between the script and the actors, a lot of characters in The Rideshare Killer feel “fake” – an odd thing to say about a film but there’s a level of insincerity to some of the performances and the dialogue that takes you out of the film entirely.

While it is possible to pull off a film like this on the kind of low budget this was made for, you need to have enough suspects to create a mystery. Of the three that The Rideshare Killer offers up, two are obviously the wrong build to be the killer and the other ends up dead by the start of act three. This means the killer ends up being an out-of-left-field choice you have no way of figuring out.