The Privilege (2022)

AKA: Das Privileg
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  • RT Rating 40%
  • IMDB Rating 4.7

Critic Reviews:

Imagine bits of Get Out, Hereditary, Rosemary’s Baby, Midsommar, The Conjuring, Insidious and Saw pasted together haphazardly, then laced with the big-pharma angle of Resident Evil and the slightest whiff of class commentary from Parasite. That’s the big, unruly mess that is The Privilege.

Honestly, it’s bonkers what the makers have packed into the film! Not everything makes total sense and a teenage audience may be more forgiving to some of the questioning plots. Regardless of that, the film is VERY entertaining. Something is always around the corner, and it’s fun to see where the film takes the audience.

The strong opener and a couple of gnarly moments may be enough to reel you in but unfortunately aren’t enough to keep this one as a very memorable horror flick for long. With a few more rewrites and stronger editing this could have been a really solid flick but unfortunately what we get is a horror hodgepodge that’ll leave you hungry for more.