The Parish (2021)

Some secrets can't be kept
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  • RT Rating 40%
  • IMDB Rating 3.8

Critic Reviews:

...The Parish, despite being billed as a horror film is never scary. Sister Beatrice isn’t particularly intimidating, even with the backing of the hulking Andrew. And with so many films featuring evil nuns in the last few years, she needed to be to stand out. Instead she, and the "angry people" are barely in the film.

...THE PARISH has some positive qualities that stick out—the music and acting by Angela DiMarco particularly are wonderful. Despite falling around the middle regarding overall quality, the film is worth a viewing. Especially if you’re a fan of horror films or a fan of film scores.

"The Parish" needed to be more Catholic, more creepy and have a lot more suspense and sense of what’s at stake to come off.