The Midnight Swim (2014)

Death is not what you think
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  • RT Rating 85%
  • IMDB Rating 5.2

Critic Reviews:

The Midnight Swim is gorgeous, if inconsequential. There are more feet shots than a Tarantino movie, and the dialogue irked me much more than it should’ve. But, if you’re a sucker for atmosphere like me, you’ll fall in love with the design of this film anyway. Maybe that’s okay.

If there are any major complaints with The Midnight Swim, a diverting escape into a musical lip-synch with the three siblings seems to come from nowhere and isn’t quite addressed again. A break in tension that serves to highlight the rather forced camaraderie of three increasingly estranged people, it’s a bit jarring in relation the rest of the film’s rhythm.

The finale is truly stupendous and satisfies in a way The Blair Witch Project does not. Smith manages a climax that is truly cosmic and transcends all genre boundaries. [...] You would be advised to take a dip as soon as possible; just be warned, that The Midnight Swim is much deeper than you can imagine.