The Lodge (2019)

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  • RT Rating 81%
  • IMDB Rating 7.3

Critic Reviews:

Despite its visual flair and unrelentingly taut atmosphere, “The Lodge” is more successful in sustaining unease — like the eerie, unexplained shots of a spooky dollhouse — than in building a convincing narrative.

It’s a gorgeous film, a dim, grey-blue dream in stark contrast to the warm golds and greens of Goodnight Mommy. The performances are all terrific, from Silverstone’s small but unforgettable role to Keough’s otherworldly fragility. The kids are astonishingly good, natural and lived-in, occasionally quite devastating.

The restraint of Franz and Fiala in refusing to indulge in the usual jump scares and jarring sound effects is admirable in theory, but this is a movie that could have used more aggressive assaults on our nerves as it builds to its gruesome climax, with another cold dispatch to mirror the brutal blow of the opening.