The Last Rite (2021)

Don't let him in
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  • RT Rating 100%
  • IMDB Rating 3.4

Critic Reviews:

For a low-budget independent movie, The Last Rite has the potential to be accessible to a more mainstream audience thanks to Kincaide’s impressive cinematography and the overall production values. While the acting is variable, it’s proficient enough to keep the viewer engaged with the story.

Waller does an excellent job in a physically demanding role. After being passive for much the first half, she gets to let it all out – doing raw, guttural calls and prowling like an animal. She ends up many miles away from the ‘not like the other girls’ lead I first saw her as. I just wish the whole film had been less like the other supernatural horrors.

THE LAST RITE is an ambitious film that attempts to put a new spin of the genre. The film suffers from a lack of budget and I believe a filmmaker having to wear too many hats. The film feels a bit clunky and feels to be lacking some supporting moments or dialogue as it seems to leave some things unsupported in the narrative.