The Kindred (2021)

Some secrets should remain buried.
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  • RT Rating 75%
  • IMDB Rating 4.7

Critic Reviews:

...this is a small-scale genre picture – with whispery performances, a fairly gloomy look, a few too many passages of rote exposition, some neat misdirection, a couple of shocks, and a general air of crushing gloom shared with quite a few British horror films of the last few years. You get a sense from the outset that solving the puzzle isn’t going to make anyone happy.

‘The Kindred’ is an incredibly well-made film and it’s jaw-dropping to think it was shot only in 12 days. Patterson is a fine director who clearly understands the genre and his less-is-more approach results in a very effective film. I heard a few audible shrieks from the audience at key moments and it was quite thrilling to be back at a film festival, with other people, watching a darn effective horror.

Director Jamie Patterson doesn’t seem to commit to making a horror movie, and as such, when the shocks come, they are contrived and obvious. The main character’s recovery speed is unbelievable, as is her jump to bringing a psychic investigator into the flat. He’s depicted by Steve Oram and only adds unwanted and unintentional comedy and is completely out of place with anything else seen before and after. There’s a good story in The Kindred, but sadly, this is a missed opportunity to tell it.