The Feast (2022)

Coming in August

Critic Reviews:

...eventually "The Feast" proves to be guilty of overplaying its hand. [...] The last 20 minutes or so of "The Feast" become dreamy gibberish, unleashing violence that loses the formidable tone, shifting from austere modern horror to Wayne Berwick's "Microwave Massacre" on a dime, leaving one's earlier enthusiasm to cling to the style while everything falls apart.

With a methodical pace, The Feast is about mood more than big moves. Perhaps this is why Williams’ dialogue can prove grating. Some is successfully subtle, hinting at dark backstories. However, when it comes to his environmentalist messaging, the script is achingly blunt, crudely dumping exposition in overlong conversations about mining and sacred land.

By probing at the ways people are on their best behavior while inherently personifying the worst effects of capitalism and greed, and knowing when to abandon modesty for brutality, Jones and Williams turn The Feast into one of the year’s most smartly conceived, plainly effective horrors.