The Crypt Monster (2021)

AKA: Il Mostro Della Cripta (2021)
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  • RT Rating N/A
  • IMDB Rating 5.1

Critic Reviews:

The Crypt Monster is not without its flaws, but its considerable charm mostly makes up for the shortcomings.

With such a grab-bag of gore for inspiration, it’s a shame the film missed so many narrative opportunities to bring its characters into a tighter story, rather than popping up at conveniently random times. It’s this missing ingredient that withholds The Crypt Monster from earning cult-like status.

All in all, Il mostro della cripta will be slightly amusing to the most shallow of genre film geeks, and everyone else will find it rather annoying. If you wanna consume problematic media, then just go straight to the source and watch some actual slashers from the ‘80s instead.