The Cellar (2022)

An ancient evil has awoken.
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  • RT Rating 31%
  • IMDB Rating 6.1

Critic Reviews:

The Cellar is mostly a generic and boring exercise that slightly comes alive during the third act when mathematics and alternate dimensions uniquely come into play. The film doesn’t necessarily do much memorable visually or suspensefully, and the ending is lame, but the concept of inserting math into demonic rituals is mildly fun.

The feel of the movie is a familiar blend of the dysfunctional family trope and traditional haunted house. It has a tone of a more somber, less effects-driven Poltergeist along with a hint of Hereditary thrown in, though considerably less violent.

As a whole, I’d say THE CELLAR is a competently done film. The trope-like beats the story hits are all too familiar, which will deter some viewers. In this regard, the film isn’t reinventing the wheel in the haunting sphere. That said, the last 20 minutes and the overall execution are where things take a surprising turn.