The Breach (2022)

Coming in November

Critic Reviews:

Whilst the resolution will delight fans of this kind of SFX perhaps more than people holding out for neat or novel plot denouement, overall the film’s busy energy and sense of its place in horror tradition will charm far more viewers than it will disappoint.

I don’t know how faithful The Breach is to the original novel but if there were changes, having the book’s author working on the adaptation seems to have made sure they were well handled. The result is a solid little horror film that makes good use of limited but well-designed sets and a small but talented cast.

...the film’s more visceral genre thrills take a while to arrive, but they are more than worth the wait. And when the screen is filled with face-melting practical effects, it’s thankfully quite easy to forgive that The Breach never quite delivers on the promise of Gudiño’s debut.