The Brain That Wouldn't Die (1962)

Alive... without a body... fed by an unspeakable horror from hell!
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  • RT Rating 38%
  • IMDB Rating 4.2

Critic Reviews:

With already so much unintended hilarity taking place within the first twenty minutes, it's difficult to imagine 'The Brain That Wouldn't Die' could ever top itself or the horrifying, gruesome suspense already on display. But it does!

...The Brain That Wouldn’t Die must be viewed through 1959 eyes to be enjoyed. Sexist behavior, attitudes, and dialogue abound and Dr. Bill Cortner, the character with the most screen time, has a likeability factor of zero.

...there is not a lot happening in this movie, but it is worth a watch. Oh, and the end is brilliant! I was quite surprised to find out that this movie has got only a 3.5 rating on IMBD (3.5), it really deserves better, let it be only for the suspense it creates!