The Bellwether (2020)

AKA: Joanne
To the outside world she's just a bookstore owner. The Conspiracy knows different.
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  • RT Rating N/A
  • IMDB Rating 6.2

Critic Reviews:

Morrison obviously chose this location to highlight his protest of crimes against women through the centuries. The sentiments are admirable, but like the rest of The Bellwether, the message-mongering is shrill and overstated.

In this, the film has a deeply-embedded and unwavering strength. But — and this is the big but — it is still a woman standing in a room, debating the flaws of modern attitudes with herself.

The Bellwether is a damn fine fright flick; the message it conveys is timely and important, it’s got a killer aesthetic, and the performance by Reid is not to be missed…plus it’s full of tension and menace.