The Alpines (2021)

AKA: Alpines
Secrets. secrets, are no fun
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  • RT Rating N/A
  • IMDB Rating 4.4

Critic Reviews:

The Alpines is the kind of film that you would see whilst scrolling through Netflix. The type of medium budget thriller that pulls you in and keeps you entertained until the end. It’s not perfect, but it’s a fun ride.

This movie is wonderfully original, beautifully twisted, and a testament to what each of the actors is capable of. I fully expect to see every one of them in multiple features (as leads) in the future. The Alpines, with its never-ending onslaught of twists and turns and its deep, psychological expression, plays out as a symphony of sophistication and success.

"The Alpines" is indeed a thriller, but one that focuses on people and their relationships rather than some supernatural or serial-killer premise. It's about the secrets we all keep from even our best friends - and the ever-present feeling of being alone and left out. People and relationships. I absolutely loved this movie - what more needs to be said? Four and a half stars.