The Advent Calendar (2021)

AKA: Le Calendrier (2021)
Will you live until Christmas this year?
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  • RT Rating N/A
  • IMDB Rating 6.3

Critic Reviews:

...Ridremont ups the intensity expertly and the kills are out of this world. Each is different to the last, but all are entertaining and best viewed in a crowd.

Though it runs out of steam long before the end, The Advent Calendar’s novel premise is gamely accepted by stellar lead Eugénie Derouand. Above all else, it’s a truly one-of-a-kind Christmas film to make you feel warm and fuzzy this holiday season – or not.

Writer/director Patrick Ridremont has crafted a stunning-looking film that is dripping in atmosphere. The ornate advent calendar is a great plot device that is both anxiety-producing and beautiful.