The Abandon (2022)

The real test lies within.
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Critic Reviews:

...the construction is robust in its handling of the theme of confronting the sins of the past. In so doing, Satterlund has woven a taut, intelligent thriller that nimbly overcomes its conventional trappings.

...these kinds of restricted-set films can be tough to pace appropriately. The Abandon is most of the way there, though the first half of the film is more successful at carefully doling out enough details to keep the plot moving, establishing the mystery to come. Things get a little more uneven as the film heads towards its closing act...

THE ABANDON is an elegant and simple story that is empowered by outstanding performances and masterful filmmaking. Worrell’s narrative transcends many of the films that have come before that were similar in terms of a character trapped in a box or buried alive. At its core it has a feel of a contemporary “The Pit and the Pendulum.”