Studio 666 (2022)

AKA: Untitled Foo Fighters Project
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  • RT Rating 56%
  • IMDB Rating 6.2

Critic Reviews:

"Studio 666" is commendable for how it commits to its horror. The gore can be bountiful and surprising, and some nasty kills are delivered with skilled precision. And though it’s about 20 minutes too long, the movie does try to legitimize by the third act all its weighted mythology about how the house became haunted, parallel to when more corpses are piled up, and sometimes devoured.

The band, led by a locked-in Dave Grohl, provide plenty of laughs with a mix of down-to-earth ribbing and over-the-top freakouts, but feel hampered by a creative team that can’t quite balance the aspects of the movie that work -- like the gratifying kills -- and those that feel like background noise.

The running time is an issue – a punchy seven-inch single approach would have been preferable, rather than this jam session of a screenplay, which doesn’t know how to end. But the tonal blend of goofy and gory is oddly endearing.