Stranded (2010)

AKA: Djinns
They are soldiers. They are survivors. They are not alone.
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  • RT Rating N/A
  • IMDB Rating 5.1

Critic Reviews:

...Stranded primarily comes off as a dark, dank, and thoroughly unpleasant horror effort that's nothing less than a chore to sit through - with the baffling twist ending only confirming its place as a fairly worthless piece of work.

Despite its - likely - modest budget, "DJINNS" manages to convince, if only thanks to an original screenplay and a rather sober staging, far from recent French attempts filled with American clichés.

You soon find out that the original mission of the military hardly matters and the mystery surrounding the briefcase, which is still revealed at the end, has virtually no influence on the thin story of 'Djinns'. What remains is a mediocre thriller, which may still be worth checking out for fans of the genre. If you don't belong here, the lack of depth, emotion and tension will quickly break up the film.