Stoker Hills (2021)

AKA: Streetwalkers
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  • RT Rating 17%
  • IMDB Rating 4.0
  • Release Date: Nov 05, 2021
  • Rated: N/A | Runtime: 91 Mins | Language: English
  • Director: Benjamin Louis
  • Stars:

Critic Reviews:

An offbeat and enjoyable mix of found footage and conventional footage as well as a mix of horror, thriller and police procedural, Stoker Hills is certainly not the generic found footage slasher I expected when I sat down to watch it.

Stoker Hills starts off strong but as the film progresses further, it starts to fizzle out a bit, especially due to unnecessary dialogue between characters that don’t add anything to the story. However, it’s a good watch if you’re in the mood for something uncomplicated.