Sssssss (1973)

AKA: Hissssss
Terror is ready to strike!
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  • RT Rating 30%
  • IMDB Rating 5.4

Critic Reviews:

There are only a couple shots where a model or puppet is used in place of the king cobra. Several times, we see Strother Martin handling live snakes using the tools of a snake handler. I found that to be a truly impressive commitment to realism. At first I was put off by the sounds the snakes made, assuming they weren’t realistic and were added for dramatic effect. However, after a quick search of the noise a king cobra makes, I discovered that the noises in the movie were not that far off from reality. [...] Despite its faults, I give Sssssss a 4 out of 5 loudly hissing, king cobras. But that’s just me.

Not five S’s. Not six S’s. Seven S’s. Sssssss . I was really tempted to just copy+paste "Sssssss" until it filled up the page and have that be my review for this garbage, but I ultimately decided against it (and it almost went the other way). One of the hardest calls I’ve ever had to make.

If you've a fear of snakes you'll want to stay far away from this one. For everyone else, SSSSSSS (1973) is quite well made, and possibly the best of its kind. It only carries a moderate bite but it's well worth getting wrapped up into for 100 minutes.