Sound of Violence (2021)

Her Music Kills
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  • RT Rating 63%
  • IMDB Rating 7.3

Critic Reviews:

...the script flounders in making Alexis’s transition to crazed maverick plausible, and the ensuing police investigation is faintly risible. But there are audible strains of mad genius here all the same.

With its themes of creative obsession and trauma recycled as psychopathy, not to mention Alexis’ synesthesia giving license for lurid, semi-abstract, technicolor visual sequences, “Sound of Violence” boasts perhaps the greatest giallo premise that Dario Argento never dreamed up.

It's like an empty echo of a film that could have had something to say but instead of a subversive earworm becomes nothing but a forgettable foray into torture porn and the most tropey parts of horror.