Some Like It Rare (2022)

AKA: Barbaque
Your life is at steak.
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  • RT Rating 100%
  • IMDB Rating 6.9

Critic Reviews:

As demand for their Iranian pork ramps up, so does the kills which makes way for a rib-tickling segment which cuts between Vincent Pascal hunting down his vegan prey in a similar way to how predators in the wild capture theirs, albeit Vincent is additionally equipped with a butcher’s knife and shotgun to help him take out his victims.

Some Like it Rare is a non-meat eater’s idea of extreme horror, and if you’re upset by the sight of meat being prepared, you should avoid it at all costs. For everyone else, this is a delicious treat.

Some Like It Rare is a tasty treat for herbivores and carnivores alike, and it honestly doesn’t feel like an anti-vegan film (but then, I’m only vegetarian). [...] If anything, the sight of Vincent and Sophie feeding a human hand into the meat grinder is enough to put you off flesh for life, whatever the variety.