Sinister (2012)

Once you see him, nothing can save you
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  • RT Rating 63%
  • IMDB Rating 6.8

Critic Reviews:

One of the best things about Sinister, though, is that it recognizes films are always better, are horrifying on a deeper level, when they offer some sort of message, when they say something about our real (non-haunted) world.

You have to see this one. Disregard its many implausibilities (it thrives on “horror movie logic”) and the two-dimensional characters. Go for the spectacularly menacing soundtrack, the well-directed sense of growing dread, the genuine frights. Genre fans will feel right at home.

Sinister works as both a horror and a murder mystery. It features a great performance from Ethan Hawke and showcases a new horror creature that will stay with you even after the movie is over. This is without a doubt one of the best horror movies in the last ten years.