Silent Night (2021)

AKA: Cha Cha Dance
Surviving Christmas just got a little harder.
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  • RT Rating 62%
  • IMDB Rating 6.5

Critic Reviews:

With a stunningly honest performance from the director’s son — Jojo Rabbit star Roman Griffin Davis — Silent Night balances the eccentricities of a Christmas get-together with nihilistic acceptance of certain doom, making for a film that’s both bleak and dryly funny.

Generally in a comedy drama of this kind, there will be an elephant-in-the-living-room trauma or sadness that everyone is collectively in denial about, but which gets resolved with laughter and tears before the closing credits. Not this movie: because the world is about to end. No weddings, one big funeral.

Silent Night is the feature debut of Davis’s mother, writer-director Camille Griffin (her two other sons star as Art’s largely brainless siblings). And it’s an ambitious premise to kick off with, as the film slips from comedy into absolute nihilism. The film is grim. And grim in ways that are only accentuated by how innocently the whole thing seems to begin.