Scream (2022)

AKA: Scream 5
It's Always Someone You Know
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  • RT Rating 76%
  • IMDB Rating 7.0

Critic Reviews:

Twenty-five years in, the series is still smart enough to acknowledge that there’s no need to tease a sequel. Whether in two years or another 11, the franchise will prevail. Fandom is its own unkillable mania, and Scream will keep figuring out how to survive it.

The best part about Scream is that, barring a scene or two featuring Dewey and Gale, it never once takes itself more seriously than it is required... in fact, almost every single element of Scream 5 is used in right moderation to ensure it is more than just a fanservice film.

Perhaps there is less zap in Scream nowadays and archly invoking the newer generation of indie horror – Jordan Peele is mentioned, with absolute respect – only serves in the long run to remind you how elderly Scream is. But it’s still capable of delivering some piercing high-pitched decibels.