Safer at Home (2021)

Isolation is a killer.
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  • RT Rating 7%
  • IMDB Rating 4.1

Critic Reviews:

This isn’t the first "pandemic" or "outbreak" type of movie but it is a good one. It shows the strain of what’s going on in the world. The mental stress and the lack of stability some people feel. Will Wernick did a good job with this.

One of the group runs out into the city with the police in pursuit, and miraculously... keeps his phone steady in his outstretched arm to film himself. The rest of the actors have to make do with staring at their computer screens with insincerely shocked and anxious faces; the lack of dramatic tension is all too apparent.

SKIP IT. When we all grew tired of the group Zoom call, that was when Safer at Home decided to run with the format for its would-be thriller in an alternate COVID threat future. No thanks.